One of our main objectives here in Bahuaja is to promote a true "experiential tourism" that allows you to deeply feel and live the wonderful experience of being in contact with the jungle and all of its resources.

Our focus is to offer activities that combine responsible tourism and well-being, along with education and awareness on issues of ecology, sustainability and personal growth.

In our Conservation Area you can directly experience how to harvest and prepare your coffee and chocolate, straight from the tree. You can learn to work with materials such as bamboo and other local plants, and prepare products that you can take home as souvenirs.

In addition to that, we offer excursions and talks led by an expert team that will introduce you to the magical world of the Amazon and its incredible variety of animals and plants.



· Walking tours in the virgin jungle and observation of trees and birds.

· Agricultural activities in the area: working on the land, planting and harvesting of fruit and seasonal products, food preparation.

· Educational talks and videos about the Amazon and other ecological topics.

· Herbalism workshops.

· Permaculture workshops.

· Craft workshops with natural materials.

· Personal development practices: meditation, yoga, cacao and traditional snuff ceremonies, workshops.